Taking place in a city where the low-end of town is run by a network of three criminal guilds, the reader finds themselves transported into a time of turmoil. The story begins in the aftermath of the founding father guild—the Seekers—collapsing, sparking the beginning of a turf war between the remaining two. And in the shadows of the city, the Vigilantes and the Grey Wolfs each fight a dark war for power and survival.

Lost in the no-man’s land that was her home, Eden Dumas—daughter of the collapsed guild’s leader—is trying to escape the death she fears is coming for her. Left with no alternative, she engineers her capture by the Vigilantes in a bid to secure her life, to find answers, and to re-establish her fallen Guild.



Guild Wars (working title) is set in an dystopian reality where modern and historical are blended together. I’ve been influenced by steampunk in the ways of steam-based technologies as well as Victorian architecture. However my world is more punk than steam, and more modern than historical. So it’s not traditionally steampunk, but more of a hybrid or offshoot. In my mind there’s images of London, New York, and Blade Runner…just without all that futuristic stuff. Take a look at another post where I talk more about the world; it might help.

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