The Silent One

The Silent OneA few days ago, fed up with how slow my writing’s been going, I opened up a new doc and started writing an idea I had for a new story. It’s no where near as big as Eden’s story, but it’s been nice to sink my teeth (finger tips tapping away on the keyboard) into something new. I’ve been feeling very unwriterly lately, so it’s awesome to sit down and just write. I’ve already mentioned on here that I like to find good Twilight fanfiction, and I’m hoping my little story will become a “good” one for someone else.

Anyway, just though I’d post a link (The Silent One) on here for anyone who might be interested.

Synopsis: A touch of fate is all that seems to bring Edward and Bella together. Confused by the silence of her mind and then later caught by her undeniable scent, Edward follows her, unable to let her go…only it brings him close to his Creator: a man whose principles and way of life he has long rejected. But in order to get what we want, compromises must be made…

P.S. My Edward is Dark. Way more fun 🙂


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