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Write or Die!

So I found this weird little app yesterday when I was busy researching *cough* My aimless quest, with the main objective of taking up time, proved quite fruitful, cause I found this—Write or Die. Basically, it’s puts an end to procrastination and makes that editor’s voice shut the bleep! up.

I tried out strict and normal mode, gave myself a target of 500 words to write in 20 minutes; I set the clock and went at it. And I ended up writing 502 words in 19 minutes—and yes, I take pride in being exact.

I would’ve stopped at least four times to research when I really didn’t need to. I might’ve intended to research or look back through what I’d written so that I knew I’d remembered the layout correctly, but I also know that I would’ve ended up being distracted by the shiny shininess that is the internet. What can I say? I’m like a magpie. Run away with ice cream containers atop your heads, mortals!
I had another go in the afternoon, no longer satisfied with my 20 minute blitz. (I feel like “blitz” is a relative term, especially with having been stuck in a writer’s rut ie. pretty much no writing). And this time I went for 800 in a half hour. Admittedly, a little
optimistic: I was at around 700 when I timed out; but I kept on writing like the little train that could. I was am the Writer that Can!
I also had a major brain pop-zinger “plot hole gets solvered!” moment. It was awesome. I was always eating grapes at the time, which may or may not have effected the level of awesome experienced—anyway! It was awesome. So I’m gonna write it down in one of my character profiles (the template which I pilfered from Rebecca Berto who pilfered it from a NaNoWriMo forum).
P.S. I have no idea what’s going on with all this mashing up of paragraphs. I tried to fix it.

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