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“Essay” vs. TV and Tumblr

Advice from a friend has led me to really organise my story. I hammered out a complete outline. (It was already in my head, but I’d never been able to get it done in the quality I’ve written now). Yesterday though, I went a step further in splitting them up into books, and then I began splitting the first book up into chapters. And, eugh!-–I know why I haven’t done this properly until now. It is so tedious.

I mean, I could only get through two chapters last night (although I realised today that I didn’t even finish doing the second chapter…)! I’ve gone through them already quite a bit from when I edited them for my old English teacher to read. And I know, I know: I’m gonna have to do this a lot; so why am I complaining, right?

brain fart


I can complain if I want to. I’ll still do it (and I am; although not right now), but argh!—it’s annoying. (And that’s the second noise of frustration I’ve typed).

I have to go through the chapters and pick up important bits of information to put under the chapter outlines/summaries, so that when I’m writing and I’m wondering, say: How many days has it been? Or, which Dumas wrote the Treaty of Three Guilds? Or, how many bullets does Eden have in her gun if she used it twice in chapter 4? (Whoops, I just realised something now! Mistake averted!).

See? It’s so damn handy! But it’s a bitch to write. It’s like forcing yourself to write an essay when all you want to do is watch Vampire Diaries or The Following or Elementary or Wallander. And man, I wanna watch sexy high school vampires who don’t go to high school (like ever!) so bad; it hasn’t been on for weeks!

ButIcan’t–cause I got an “essay” to write.

And I can’t go on tumblr for a week. I can do so many things now!

Two hours later…

I caved! I chose Vampire Diaries over my “essay” and ohmygod—they went to school! The sexy high school vampires went to high school. There was even  a cheerleading competition and a crazy house party. Wow.


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