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Seekers’ Mark

I’ve been drawing quite a bit lately to compensate for my lack of writing. It’s really irking me that I can’t get into writing like I was before, so drawing makes me feel less productive, less lazy, and less of a bad writer.

Anyway, I’ve had a few different versions of the Seekers’ Mark, which as you could probably infer: each Seeker is marked with it (tattooed) upon their initiation. The original version you can find in my “Art” tab at the top of the page, or if you feel like wasting your time like so many of us do, then you can peruse through my various “Visuals” posts.

I wasn’t planning on working on it (currently I’m working on Maeven’s portrait because I love how fierce her character is and I just want to see her already!); it just kind of happened. But it feels right now. I like the key’s end with the three circled handle; I’d seen many different key designs in my research (and I should’ve known it earlier) but I really loved the relevance of the three circles. Three circles for three guilds, and it’s the Seekers’ Guild that’s the mother guild, so it made perfect sense for them to have incorporated guild history into their design.

It also needed to be simple since it would be tattooed on each initiate, so I couldn’t have a fancy…teeth? Those prong thingys. Kind of difficult to Google that, but mostly I can’t be bothered since it doesn’t matter what they’re called.

The knife was originally a trench knife; I thought Jimmy Darmody was so cool with his knuckle duster knife—*moment of silence*—but after replicating the original sketch a few times, it was beginning to be a pain. And if I was getting annoyed with it, then how who the tattooer feel? Really annoyed, would be my bet.

There is another drawing that I would love to post on here, but if my story ever gets published (also dependent on me actually finishing it), then it’d be a major spoiler. Major? Oh, well. It sounds cool. And I like that.

Oh, and the tattoo will be blu(ish). I decided to go with blue because that’s usually the colour of prison tattoos which are done using homemade tools and pen ink. I really liked the resourcefulness (and also danger) of creating tattoos this way (take a look at Russian prison tatts; the ones I found were done this way) because it’s exactly what the city slums are like.


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