My book / Visuals

Eden Realised

I’ve done two important drawings for my story recently: a second character sketch of Eden and her portrait. I didn’t think I’d draw her face, and I’m not sure if it looks like her since I can’t really see her, but the overall feeling is completely Eden. I used a quick sketch I found from a photo; I Googled “girl portrait profile”. I was going to just draw it myself but I didn’t want to waste time getting the features proportionate, so I did a quick sketch, then used my lightbox to trace and alter as I went.

Eden’s portrait took me about two days, and I didn’t plan to use colour, either. But I think it really helped visualise her for me. And I think my favourite parts are her split lip and cut on her cheekbone. I also couldn’t get the eye right; it looked so deformed every time I tried so I just left it. My mum actually said that it works, like she’s been punched in the eye and the swelling’s just blown up. I’m going to go with that. Oh, and the difference in colouration in her tattoos is intentional as they were done at different times.

love Eden’s second outfit. It’s a blend of the two Guilds, so she keeps a bit of her Seeker heritage but also adopts elements of the Vigilantes. She doesn’t look as authoritarian as they do, which helps her retain her identity.

Anyway, just thought I’d share.




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