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Eye candy…toxic eye candy

pollutionI found this great image on tumblr. I have no idea where and I have no clue whose image it is, but I probably found it on some embarrassing blog, so I guess it’s better that I don’t remember. Better for me, anyhow.

As soon as I saw it though, I just knew it was perfect. Besides the orange in the centre of the cloud mass, it really visualises what I think Pryderi looks like, at least in the low end of town. There’s a scene in the book where Eden is standing on the roof of the warehouse, just taking a moment to herself, and she’s looking at the city. She looks over the water to Hightown and it’s dotted with lights, and then she looks around herself at Lowtown where it’s mostly dark. But even at night she could still make out plumes of smog rising from the Industrial Quarter. And this is what I saw looking at (well, this is what my mind saw) while I was writing.



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