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Revised deadline…

I’ve had to change…update my deadline and it’s making me feel very lazy and unproductive. But life got in the way and in truth I wasn’t really all that committed to the original deadline (which was the 2013 Text Prize). I came across it while I was researching publishing and I really just needed a date to work towards. But my new deadline is more reasoned–and not just because it’s my birthday.

July is mid-year (derr) and I’ve been looking at TAFE courses. I’m too late to register for first semester, but I can work towards second semester. I’m planning to do a short business admin course so that I’ll be more likely to gain employment doing clerical work. I want a job that I don’t really have to commit myself to so that I can focus on my writing, and working in a store is too much anxiety for me.

So there we have it: 8th July.

Future me, you better have finished it!


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