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Character Sketches: Maeven, Dax, and Virginie



Maeven’s a really interesting character–a main one too. You meet her…I think around chapter 7. I’m currently writing a chapter in her perspective, which is something I didn’t think I’d do. I thought I’d just write the whole story in Eden’s perspective. But around chapter 8 or 9–and I’m trying not to give anything away, so this is very vague–Eden will be confined to a room for about a week or so. Being stuck in a room would make for a very boring read, and I really wanted to explore another side of the world she lives in, so I decided to change perspectives for a chapter.

I guess I was inspired by Deborah Harkness (A Discovery of Witches and Shadow of Night), Justin Cronin (The Passage and The Twelve), and George R. R. Martin (A Song of Fire and Ice book series or Game of Thrones TV series) who all do changes in perspective very well–and very differently. For people who haven’t read any of their work, Martin changes perspective every chapter while Harkness does this very occasionally. She does it to fill in a few blanks and add another dimension to the story, giving it a richer and more interesting world. Cronin’s like the middle man of these two writers; he’ll go a several chapters in one character’s mind before switching to another.

I hadn’t really read any books (that I can recall) that did this and I found it a really effective way of letting the story unfold to the reader, so I decided to have a go at it myself. It’s been difficult but mostly because I didn’t know Maeven well enough to confidently write her voice. After I did a bit of character building though, I was able to get writing, and it’s been really fun and refreshing to write her. The language is a bit different, not as developed or learned as Eden’s, and while she’s similar to Eden, she’s more the extreme side of her. She’s strong and I guess she’d be a feminist, although she’s very unforgiving of what she perceives as female weakness ie. if you can’t protect yourself, expect shit to happen to you–and don’t cry about it if it does.

Oh, and yes, I do know she’s got a leg missing. Feet and boots are just real finicky things to draw, so once I got one done, I just left the other. It took me forever to get her hair to hang right, but I’m really pleased with it. I think red hair really suits her personality.

Etsy was a big help in finding leather armor to help me figure out the types of clothes that each character would wear. Now, Maeven is a high ranking member of the Vigilantes’ Guild so her clothes aren’t a very good representation of what the other members generally look like (I think I might do their uniform today). Unlike the Seekers, I wanted the Vigilantes to have a uniform; while each Guild gets their fair share of “mercenary” jobs, it’s the Vigilantes that are the “policing” Guild of Lowtown, so it makes sense for them to have a dress code that will protect them (since typically the type of jobs they do are more…physical than the others) as well as reinforce their authority.

Maeven also has a gun; a little addition that many probably wouldn’t notice as significant. But guns in this world are expensive and thereby rare, so only the most important people–at least in Lowtown–have them. Oh, and her blade? I dubbed it the Ripper. I love it so much, and I don’t care that it probably won’t be able to ever get made like that. But it does look cool.



Dax is another important character that Eden comes across when she…later in the story.

Damn! I’m so used to talking to my brother aka. my sounding board about the ins and outs of my story. I keep having to catch myself, cause I don’t want to give anything away.

So, Dax is a quiet character and mostly in the way that he can’t talk. I won’t tell you why, but he just can’t. Anyway, despite this lack, Dax is a very useful member in the Guild. Because he can’t talk, people just forget he’s there or don’t bother with his presence since it’s often not too far to associate muteness with deaf or dumbness.

He ranks lower than Maeven, but I haven’t figured out where he exactly fits.



Virginie is a minor character and attached to the Vigilantes’ leader, so while she doesn’t figure much into the main story, she isn’t a character to cast aside either. She’s also not a Vigilante. Basically, she’s a pretty doll with some nasty claws. She’s very protective and while she may live a relatively comfortable existence, her safety really rests in her keeping the leader of the Vigilantes satisfied. Sad, but that’s just the way it is.

She does have a more interesting story than what I’ve just written, but that would mean giving stuff away, so it’s better to just be vague!


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