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Character Sketch: Eden

eden on the run

Eden Dumas

I just finished drawing this a few minutes ago. I’d planned for this to just be a draft sketch but I ended up really liking how she looked.

These are the clothes she wears when the story begins. As a Seeker, she’s predominately just a glorified thief, although the Seekers’ Guild does do other jobs. The higher ranking members also have a uniform, kind of like the Vigilantes, but I haven’t gotten around to figuring it out yet. But generally, you can’t tell a Seeker from a local of Lowtown…or as the folks in Hightown call them, “Roaches”. Their lack of distinguishable clothing makes it easier to do their job when no one can track them. I mean, it’s good that the Guild system is in place in Lowtown, but that doesn’t mean they’re all good.

Her “uniform” will also change as the story progresses.

Oh, and yes, I did mean for her pants to be that high. My boyfriend was telling me how I posed it all wrong. But it was intentional! Her pants are big and cinched around her waist, so her legs aren’t really that long. Her knees are just above that square patch on her left leg. All I wanted was a “Yes, it’s good. I like it.” Instead I got a critique. At least I know that he won’t ever lie to me, so I guess that’s good 🙂


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