I had a really good last 24 hours. I love it when you get all productive with your time. Where that muse (I don’t think of my muse as a person, just that little bug that gets me writing) comes to visit you, where you want to do stuff, and you just keep doing it.

The muse bit me yesterday around afternoon time, I was flipping between typing up my vocab list, which takes a little from different sources and adds in a few things of my own, and watching the pilot episodes of the new shows that aired this American Fall. I think I was watching Beauty and the Beast (the Beast…Vincent Keller, I think—anyway, he used to be on Offspring. I thought he was yummy then, so when I downloaded Beast I was happily surprised to find him in it) when an idea for a scene came to me.

I paused it and went looking for a post-it pad. I like to write my notes on those or in my little notebook. I could find the pad and I didn’t want to start a new one, ’cause I knew it was around here somewhere. So I got an exercise book and just started writing. Sometimes I prefer to write than type. It depends really. But sometimes it just flows better when I’ve got a pen in hand.

So I started writing, and let me tell you: I am glad I gave up on the Post-It Search of October ’12, ’cause I didn’t stop writing until I’d filled ten pages. Phew! It was good too. Obviously I’ll edit it when I get around to typing it (along with my other scene snippets. I really need to knuckle down and do that, ’cause if I lose this exercise book. I. Will. Cry. A lot.), but until then, I’ll keep on writing it out on paper. It just flowed so well, I wasn’t stuck around which words or which order or whatever—I’ve also been working on being more lenient in the draft phase. Perfect is not required just yet!

Anyway, I just wanted to write about how well the words came. Mum’s busy doing her own thing: watching SVU and working on her CV; and Pacey can’t talk back to me. She’ll just wanna lick my fingers, and I need to use those right now.

Also, I kinda wanted to see if anyone watches horror film trailers. Like, just the trailers. I hate horror films—can’t watch them. At all. I like reading horror, but seeing it? Noooo thank you. But I do scour Youtube and watch the trailers. Is that weird? Does anyone else do it?

And yes, I look just like Jane when I write. Weird, huh? I thought so too, but I decided to just go with it.


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