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And on the 730005th day They invented Google*

The internet is amazing. I don’t know how people ever managed to do anything without it. I remember watching Love Story and when Oliver enters his dorm room I think one of his roommates is studying. Or maybe they’re playing cards. Not really sure now that I think about it. And I have and still do use books to study, though mostly I prefer to think of it as “research”—don’t really know why, just makes me sound smarter. But imagine if you could only study using books. No pressing CTRL+F to scan a page or document to see if they had what you needed. No. Instead you’d either have to reference the Contents or the Index, flip to the correct page(s) and read it. All of it. I shudder.

I mean, I love reading. But reading about evolution and “niches,” or trying to get through one of Homer’s epics is a lot different to reading something like…oh, I don’t know—something you actually enjoy! While I was studying I did a few weeks of a course on Heroes and Myth. Really interesting until they’d set you mammoth reading lists each week. It took me days—days!—to read about twenty pages of The Iliad. And at the end, after I’d answered the questions I was going to hand in for an assignment, I realised that I’d read the readings for the week previous. And then I started to cry. I dropped the class the next day. I think Homer making me cry was probably as good a sign as any that I shouldn’t ever read his work again. Instead I’m just going to watch every Hollywood production that glosses over or completely disregards the fact that Achilles and Patroclus were bum buddies. That reminds me:  I still have yet to finish The Song of Achilles…let me just move that up my To-Do list.

Right, so what was I saying? Oh yes, The Internet. Amazing.

Today I found a few more awesome-sauce sources for 18th century vocabulary. I thought I’d seen them all, or at least seen all the ones I could find. Nope! And I just scored some perfect additions to my world’s vocabulary. I also found a medical glossary for the 18-19th century. Not sure how much I’ll use it, but it was quite the interesting read. Although it kind of made me feel a bit ill so I went and showered. And now I’m squeaky clean 🙂

So I guess what I really learned today is that not only is the internet an endless source of mindless distraction—I’m looking at you Farmville (I never actually played that. I did check out Neopets a few months ago…shit. My pet is probably dead)—but it’s also like having a library at your fingertips. Except you can be as loud as you want.

I’m going to go watch Vampire Diaries now.

* this is a roughly calculated estimate of the number of days leading up to the founding of Google. And yes, I totally used Google to add up the days in 1998 years. No way is my brain cut out for that kind of math.


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