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KISSes and Sandwiches

I can’t remember if I did write about this on here, but I gave my old English teacher a revised draft of the first seven or eight chapters of my story. I just popped in one day last week and asked to see him. I freaked for a second, wondering that he might no longer work there, but then I thought better of it. That man will never leave the English alone…not until he dies! He loves them sweet KISSes. And no, I did not have an untoward relationship with my English teacher, KISS was just his favourite mnemonic device. The man wrote it on everything. Keep It Simple, Stupid! How endearing?

Well, it was certainly endearing when the first thing he did when he saw me was give me a big ol’ hug. And I’m not a hugger. I mean, I’ll give someone a hug when they ask, and I’m usually like, Okay… Sometimes I do appreciate a little intimacy, but not real often. Anyway—after a wee bit of a catch-up, I got all awkward wondering how I’d approach it. So I just mumbled a bit and then dug the draft out of my bag and held it out to him. He said he’d read it and get back to me in a few weeks, ’cause he’s all busy correcting people’s grammar and shit…he didn’t actually say that, but I’m just paraphrasing, you know? Or more like, taking artistic liberty. Whatever, this is my blog.

And so I put the thought of him reading it on the back-burner. I started to get anxious about it though, because I’m changing a few things to make it work better. And I just kept thinking, No! He’s reading the crap version! I don’t want him to read the crap version!

So I was pretty relieved and sporting a shit-eating grin when I opened up my Gmail this morning. “We’re both hugely impressed.” I completely fan-girled when I read that. And I really want to know which student he gave it to to read. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow when I see him. Lunch in the teachers’ lounge—ooh! That‘s gonna be weird.

On another note that has nothing to do with English and a little bit to do with kisses—the normal kind, even though I won’t be getting any soon. Sad face…just a little. I went to Pilgrims—a super scrumptious vegetarian café in Milton. This is also the place where they have real hot dudes serve you like it’s part of their job description or something. And unlike mentioning my old English teacher, I’m pretty sure I did mention this: that the next time I went in I would ask out one of them. And I totally did! I have never asked out anyone. Ever. And even though he had a girlfriend—too bad on my part ’cause he was real handsome—I think I made his day. Who doesn’t appreciate getting asked out? Unless it’s some weird stalker with a weird eye…or something. And you know, getting turned down wasn’t that bad. I think the sting was taken out of it ’cause he said, I would—if I didn’t have a girlfriend. And even though my first go at asking someone out was a bust, I couldn’t stop smiling. Plus, there are plenty of other handsome dudes to make me sandwiches there. And I love sandwiches. They make really good juice, too. Juice…


One thought on “KISSes and Sandwiches

  1. Lol your old English teacher used the KISS method on my class last year ^_^
    I really liked the first few chapters of your book by the way and I hope you finish it soon so I can read the rest. 😀

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