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It’s raining crazy down here. And it’s awesome! Nothing like a good rainy day to make you feel better about not leaving the house. And it’s perfect weather to lounge around in comfy clothes, like my genie pants (or harem pants like everyone calls ’em. Genie pants sounds more fun. Plus, I loved Aladdin when I was younger. I don’t know who I wanted to be more: Aladdin or Jasmine. He got to run around on buildings and do other cool shit, while she got awesome see-through clothes.). Or you could just not even get changed out of your jimmy jams.

When it’s raining, you can drink tea as much as you like and it’s not weird to have like eight cups in a single day. Though at the moment, I’m way into Ovaltine. I used to drink it all the time when I was younger, although I’m kinda hankering for a nice cup o’ Milo. Hmm…another trip to the supermarket, me thinks. You see, I get into periods where I’ll drink nothing but tea for a few weeks and then I’ll switch to Milo for a month and then switch back. At the moment, it’s Ovaltine October, and I’d have to say it’s going pretty swell.

But I think the best thing about rain at the moment, is that it makes me think of my story. It rains all the time. It’s funny how much cooler a fictional world sounds if it’s raining constantly. It instantly looks darker, more mysterious and just bad-ass! In real life though? Not so cool. I mean, it’s awesome if you’re inside, but when you’re sitting in a cafe, having just finished your scrumptious salad and delicious juice, and it starts raining outside. And I mean pissing down. And then you look to your bag and you realise that you forgot your umbrella. You see it in your mind: it’s sitting on the back seat in the car. And the car is parked a street away. That’s when rain sucks.

Other than that dismal end to my lunching, it was pretty good. The cafe, which only serves vegetarian food and has awesome freshly made juices, was packed when I walked in. They have real hot guys that work there too. Irrelevant? Yes I know this. Anyway, the only table that was free was one that could seat maybe six, but I wasn’t gonna sit outside where it was cold and windy and that damn rain was threatening to break (Yeah, I know. If it was threatening rain, why did I leave my umbrella in the car? Shut up!), so I sat down at the biggest table in the joint.

A while later an old couple came in and looked around for somewhere to sit. Every table was taken, ‘cept the one where a girl was sitting alone, eating her salad and jotting down things in her notebook. So I offered them a seat. And it was the best lunch I’ve had. We started talking about his son—turns out they were brother and sister. She kindly corrected me after I assumed the son they were talking about was hers and his. He wants to go to UNSW and they were talking about Basser (College)—which I went to…for six months…before moving out because college life is certainly an acquired taste.

They told me that they were going on a cafe road trip down the coast, stopping off at nice places. And I told them about a few, because what else do I have to do besides write at home and drive around looking for places to write because I’ve gotten sick of writing at home? Nothing. That’s right.

And the lady knew what steampunk is. That’s the first older person who knew what it was. She’d asked me what I was doing and I started to tell her about my story. Yeah, it was a good lunch. I plan on going there each week. There’s a big list of juices, and I plan on trying every damn one of them. Plus, I want to hang out with one of the guys there. I think I might ask him next time…or maybe I’ll wait for lunch #3 to do that…


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