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I got my first flat tire today. It was quite the milestone, and I’m just so happy that it popped when I was around some houses. ‘Cause if it’d happened while I was on the highway and there was no reception, then I would’ve had to work it out by myself. I know how to do it now, but I don’t think I would’ve been able to do it. I had no credit on my phone, not enough money in my bank account so I could recharge it; that whole 1800REVERSE thing wasn’t working because I had to work out the numbers because I have a QWERTY keyboard on my phone, meaning that the normal letters weren’t on the numbers. Luckily mum had put her card into my wallet so I could buy groceries, because I was fuuucked.

So, after I recharged my phone thanks to mum, I called her. And you know what she said? I’ll call you back. And then she hung up before I could ask her when that would be. So I waited for like five minutes before sending her a message telling her about the flat. And then I waited for her to call me back, when lo and behold, my savior walked by me. He was a nice, old man. Fit looking too. My older self was already jealous of his sprightliness. After stopping him and asking him if he knew how to change a tire, and that if he did, would he be so kind as to help me, he proceeded to conduct a lesson of Tire Changing 101. He did all the work, of course. But he did give me a few tips to tell my boyfriend next time this happened. But I corrected him, and said no boyfriend of mine would be changing any flats I might get.

He was so nice and had such a good energy about it that I’ve now given him to one of my characters. I didn’t get the man’s name, but he’ll be called Madios in my story. Madios is only a minor character and so he won’t feature very regularly, but he just seemed so perfect. He’ll be an apothecary, I think.


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