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Now imagine those trees are buildings and she’s hiding out in an alley. And imagine that instead of all that leather armour, that Eden’s wearing leather boots, black pants and a long jacket. And as much as I loved Katniss, my Eden ain’t no archer. So imagine away that bow and quiver, and in it’s place envision a black backpack.

If you did all those things, then I would say you’ve got a rough idea of what my main character looks like. I know, I know…a lot of work, right? I just couldn’t think of anyone that fitted my idea of how she looked. On my break from writing today, I decided to log in some Skyrim Time. Oh, how I’ve missed thee. And I haven’t even played Dawnguard yet. Swoon.

In character creation, after I added on a shit load of mods, I found this hair style. I wanted Eden’s hair to be short since it suits her personality, but also because most female protagonists have long hair. The only exception that comes to mind right now is Lisbeth Salander of the Millennium Trilogy.

I’m pretty happy with the overall idea of her that I have in my head, though it probably makes no sense to anyone else because all they see is a Skyrim character. I might post up some sketches later for a more rounded view.


One thought on “08.10.12

  1. The author Tamora Pierce wrote next to no books that didn’t have female protagonists and many of them had short hair as well. 😀 Those books were all about knights and mages. 😀

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