I didn’t think I’d actually come up with something to post on here, but last night I decided to do an outline for the trilogy I plan to write. I’ve written eight chapters so far, and I’ve had ideas mulling around my head for a while and written them down, but I’ve been putting off sequencing everything because it just seemed like a downer. But I can’t believe I didn’t do it sooner, because as soon as I started writing my ideas down and sorting them into each book, everything just fell into place. It was insane. Mind = BLOWN.

I mean, I did break up these explosions of typing and uhm-ing and ah-ing with a bit of gaming on the side. I wanted to make my character in Skyrim, so I downloaded a bunch of mods from the Workshop and Nexus and totally geeked out. I went to town on that shit. Very satisfying.


I went to bed at around one in the morning figuring that I’d just sleep in to make up for it. But no, my brain just wasn’t done like I though it was. I was all comfy and snug underneath my blankets and them bam! another idea. And everyone knows (at least I imagine that they do) that when a thought comes to you when you’re in bed—and I mean in bed for sleep, not sex. Although, maybe it works the same. I don’t know. I’ll put that on my To Do list. And really, I didn’t even intend to pun off there.

What? Oh, yeah. The Idea.

So I groaned and I moaned but I eventually couldn’t take it anymore because the ideas kept coming. So I threw off my covers to find a pen. I found one. I didn’t want to leave my room so I used the pink felt tip I keep in my bag. I like a little pep in my step, you see. And the only paper I had was a tiny pad of post-its. Like the teeny tiny rectangle ones for teeny tiny thoughts. After I went through about five of those, I decided that I should go get some real paper. Sorry, teeny tiny post-it paper, but when it comes to lined A4, you don’t stand a chance.

And I wrote like frikkin’ seven pages! Seven pages of bright pink scribble and the whole outline for my trilogy pretty much nailed down. WTF, right? I know! It was amazing. Never again will I stick my nose up at the dreaded outline. I think my avoidance of it stems from my days in design tech when they nag at you to draft everything when I just wanted to create! Well, create I did. Boom!

I did have to roll over—after having got all nice and comfy again!–to add more and more. But I just had to keep telling myself that I will be soooo happy for it in the morning. So happy that I’d make myself a cup of tea as a pat on the back. And shush. Just because I make myself tea every morning, doesn’t mean that this morning’s cuppa wasn’t special. Because it was. It was the best cup of tea I ever had. It tasted like awesome sentences and inspired dialogue, without all those saccharine adverbs. I’m going off sugar, you see. I eat way too much of it. I’m like a kid and I just don’t get sick no matter how much I eat. It’s so unfair…

Oh, and you know how I said that I was going to sleep in? Yep. Didn’t happen. At about seven in the morning there was a tapping at my window and mum was calling my name. It was really weird how much my dream changed when the tapping and name calling began. Apparently, she’d misplaced her glasses and because she was already outside and about to get in the car, she thought she’d walk around the house and wake me up so that I could go find them. It didn’t matter that it was the front door was much closer and that she didn’t have to move around plants to get to it. And it would’ve been much easier for her to look for her own glasses since she already knew where they were and I was too tired to grab my own glasses so that I could help her find them. I was reduced to bending over at a ninety degree angle and squinting ’til my eyes were practically shut to try and find them. I didn’t because that was when she decided that the front door wasn’t so hard to walk through and she picked her glasses up from the table that the keys rest on, before wishing my a good day and then leaving. I went back to bed hoping–praying–that I’d be able to go back to sleep because really, by now my eyes were stinging because they were so tired. They were mad at me. You know the feeling?

So forty minutes later I was up and typing up my outlines. Then I ate a nashi and some yoghurt, and playing Skyrim for a bit. And now I’m writing this. So that’s a catalogue of the first four hours of my day. Quite productive. I’m still grumpy at mum though. No love tea for her tonight. Oh, who am I kidding? I’m totally gonna cave and make her a cup.

So in addition to posting babble like this because no one’s around to hear me (I’m going to the doctor this afternoon because of some weird rash on my foot that looks like a disease. I really want to tell someone, but I don’t think they’ll be very interested), I’ll be posting some drawings that I’ve done whilst writing my book, and other stuff of the like.


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